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Vacation Patrol Request

Leaving to go on vacation?
- Do not inform contractors or others you do not know of your plans.
- Do not publish your plans on social media.
- Inform your trusted neighbors and friends.
- Have someone check on your house to have it look as if you might be at home. (Pick up newspapers and flyers; turn different lights off and on.)
- Activate timers on lights if you have them.
- Ask neighbors to park a car in your drive from time to time.
- Notify local law enforcement of your absence:
   o Contact the Longwood Patrol Officer at 713-410-0364 - or
   o Access the Longwood Web Site: - then click on the "Want to communicate with the HOA Board?" tile on the Home Page.
Contact: Longwood Safety Patrol
Phone: (713) 410-0364
** Your Email:


** Your name(s):
** Longwood Address:
** Contact Phone Number:
** Date Patrol should begin:
** Date Patrol should end:
Any dogs or other animals to be concerned with in the back yard or elsewhere?
Anything else Patrol Office should be aware of?
Code Verification:

Thanks for submitting this request to alert the Longwood Safety Team of your anticipated absence. A Patrol Office will be made aware and will provide some survelance tasks on your property.

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