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Longwood Resident Pet Registration
Pets are part of your family, and when they wander off and don't come home right away, other members of the family begin to worry.  Your pet might have been seen or even temporarily taken-in to a friendly neighbor home.  The crucial step is to connect lost pet with the grieving family.  Please use this form to "register" your pet - provide as much information as you can.  The Longwood Animal Advocate will collect this information, and it will also be uploaded into the Pet Photo Album - PLEASE include a photo if at all possible. NOTE that the "collar-tag number" and the "chip number" will be filed, but not published.  We hope that this will make the reuniting of pets & owners more efficient.  

Longwood Animal Advocate - email contact.
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Any changes/revisions to your Pet Registration, or any suggestions or ideas on how to improve the pet registration and retrieval process - or if you want any changes made to your registration or to include/change your pet's photo, send an email to

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